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July 2007

See the revolution over dinner

With all due respect to Mao Zedong, The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has turned the revolution of 1832 in Paris into a dinner party and it’s a very satisfactory dinner, a lovely party and a good reading of the revolution.
Their current production of “Les Miserables” gives us a stripped-down but highly charged version of probably the most popular play in the last 20 years. On one level it is the story of Jean Valjean and his pursuit by Javert. Valjean has served 19 years on a chain gang for trying to steal a loaf of bread. After completing his sentence, he is required by law to identify himself as an ex-convict to employers and anyone else with whom he must do business. He quickly finds himself homeless and out of work. He changes his name and becomes a successful businessman, but Javert, the agent of the police, pursues him and wants to send him back to prison for illegally hiding his identity.

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Making single-payer happen in Minnesota

Every Minnesotan could be covered under a state administered healthcare plan within the coming year if legislators can overcome opposition from a powerful healthcare insurance industry and a governor who publicly opposes the type of “single-payer,” government-run system that a growing alliance of lawmakers, physicians, professionals, labor unions and business and community groups endorse.

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Foreclosues way up in Minneapolis,including Southside

As predatory lending schemes of the ’90s take their toll on homeowners, foreclosure rates are rising all over the country. Minneapolis has been hit particulary hard by foreclosures, with numbers doubling from 320 in the first quarter of last year to 678 in the first quarter this year.

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Have a talk with Joe Minjares

Do you want a talk to get behind yourself and push, talk Joe Minjares: an entrepreneur and artiste with grown kids and grandkids, Minjares keeps on keepin' on. Lately, he rescued Southside Minneapolis landmark Parkway Theater from demolition. With it, by the way, he plans to make it the state's first Latino-owned performing arts center.

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SMAAC Forum to Dog MAC at Nokomis Park July 30th

When we discovered that MAC was doing a series of presentations about the new runway that opened last year at MSP, and that one of these was scheduled for Nokomis on July 30, we decided that SMAAC should hold its Forum at Nokomis on July 30 as a counterpoint. We thought this would be an excellent way to keep MAC honest.

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"Will we have truth in advertising?"


With the introduction of State Sen. John Marty's (DFL-Roseville) "Minnesota Health Care Act" and the clear possibility that the state could be heading down the road to statewide universal health care, Minnesotans could be in for waves of advertisements by groups of "concerned citizens" that claim to champion public health and well-being while making sure an entrenched private health insurance industry remains "in the pink."A U.S. Supreme Court decision published near the end of June invalidated a prime component of the 2002 Campaign Reform bill and may have made it easier for well-financed interests like state HMOs to influence elections while turning a blind eye to how those interests represent themselves.

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What is happening?

There was Revolution in the air." – Bob Dylan

The two most established theatrical institutions in the Twin Cities are trumpeting revolution. Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is reviving “Les Miserables,” which portrays conditions surrounding the 1832 Revolution in Paris (see review, page 15), and The Guthrie is reviving “1776,” a musical drama about the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Riverside area becomes flyover land

The Metropolitan Airport Commission is closing the runway most generally used for take-offs and landings for re–construction and opening up the North-South runway for July, August and September. This means people living in the Riverside area will be hearing 300 flights a day land

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Are We Wireless Yet

"Installation is currently in progress," is the message that appeared on US Internet's website when attempts were made last week Wednesday to order wireless internet service for parts of downtown, the University's West Bank and for the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

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