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Sending your pre-made ad or artwork

Southside Pride uses PC running on Windows 98. We do not have a Mac in the office. We use Photoshop 6, Illustrator 8, Quark XPress 5, and Acrobat 4.

1) Delivery of Ads

Ads may be emailed to , , , or dropped off at our office on a CD or PC formatted disk.

2) Digital Files

Send digital files. If you do not send a digital file, we will scan and/or re-create your ad. Please avoid sending Quark files because we probably don't have all your fonts.

3) Image Resolution and Line Screen

All images - whether embedded in the ad or as the ad itself - should be 300 dpi.

Please avoid using pictures from the web as these are 72 dpi -- this is considerably less than the 300 dpi we need for print. A 72 dpi image will look fuzzy when printed in the newspaper.

Our line screen is 85.

4) File Formats

A PDF file is preferred. We do not have any Macintosh computers here. Mac fonts will not work on our computers. Please make sure your fonts are embedded correctly.You may download our Acrobat Distiller settings here by right clicking on this link and selecting "Save Target As..." When the file is downloaded, you may need to change the extension from .txt to .joboptions. This should be placed in your Settings folder for Acrobat Distiller.

We will also accept TIF and high quality JPG files.

Please do not send PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Excel or Word files. Although we can open the Microsoft files, problems may arise if we do not have your fonts or if your fonts will not embed in a PDF. Image resolution may also be an issue.




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