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Southside Pride is three monthly newspapers published and delivered in three editions for three very different communities. Southside Pride – Phillips Powderhorn Edition is delivered on the 1st Monday of the month; Southside Pride – Nokomis Edition is delivered on the 2nd Monday of the month; Southside Pride – Riverside Edition is delivered on the 3rd Monday of the month. The total circulation for all three editions is 48,000 copies, making Southside Pride the largest community newspaper in the Twin Cities. The numbers in the text that follows are taken from the 2000 Census.

Phillips Powderhorn

The Phillips Powderhorn community, population 60,771, is the most populated and culturally diverse of the three.

26,587 people identified themselves as White/Caucasian; 16,506 as Black or of African descent; 11,119 as Hispanic; and 3,336 as Asian. The rest of the population identified themselves as Other.

Of the 21,484 households, 12,196 are renters - more than 56% .The area also has some of the poorest neighborhoods and highest indexes of poverty in Minneapolis.


The Nokomis community, population 37, 270, is much less densely populated and shows concentrations of affluence. 30,002 oeople identified themselves as White/Caucasian; 3,927, as Black or of African descent; and 1,049 as Asians.

Of the 16,210 households, 13,930 are homeowners - more than 87%.



The Riverside community, population 35, 449, shows the most striking contrasts of the three.

In Cedar-Riverside, the most northern neighborhood, 3,174 people identified themselves as White/Causcasian; 2,428 as Black or of African descent; and 1,190 as Asian. Of its 2,838 housing units, 2,547 are rentals - 89% - the highest concentration of renters in the city.

The four southern neighborhoods are quite different. 16,567, people identified themselves as White/Causcasian 1,552 as Black or of African descent; and 513 as Asian.

Of the 9.319 occupied housing units, 6,932 or are owner occupied - 74%.

Southside Pride is proud to serve the culturally diverse population that lives in our part of South Minneapolis.



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