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Jason Stone announces for Park Board At-Large

Jason Stone was the executive director of the Resource Center of the Americas and La Conexión before they closed in 2007.
He ran for Park Board in District 5 in 2005 and 2009. The Star Tribune endorsed him and said, “In 2005, upstart Jason Stone nearly knocked off incumbent Carol Kummer. Stone, who won our endorsement four years ago, has earned it again. Stone was the rare candidate who understands that enlisting City Council members as park advocates—not casting them as mortal enemies—is the key to protecting parks. With his management experience, he’s the right person to rebuild these strategic ties. Stone also has a realistic view of the board’s financial challenges. He is mindful of taxpayers and has innovative ideas for cost savings—forming partnerships with other jurisdictions to reduce expenses at the Neiman Sports Complex, for example, or working with local universities on youth programming. He has also courageously questioned a potential conflict of interest involving Park Board counsel Brian Rice—who also represents a police union and police retirement fund—who donated $20,000 to the Park Board independent taxation drive last summer.”

Now he’s running for one of three at-large positions. He says, “I’ve played an influential role in reforming the Park Board since 2005—advocating thoughtful community engagement, replacement of the former park superintendent, better labor relations and streamlining a top heavy organization in order to preserve programs. I’m considering running citywide this year to carry on these important reforms and continue improving an amazing park system.”

Annie Young, the incumbent Green Party candidate, will be seeking re-election. A lifelong environmentalist and political activist, Annie strongly supports keeping the Park Board as an independent board separate from the City Council. Annie’s key issues and initiatives are: promoting “green” thinking in Park System from renewable energy options, energy conservation efforts, promotion of “green” building technologies and amenities and sustainable land management practices; meeting multicultural needs and continuing implementation efforts for the East Phillips Cultural Community Center; advocating for open, civil and transparent processes and more citizen participation in Park Board decision making; reviewing use of pesticides in the parks and continuing reduction in use.

There doesn’t seem to be an announced DFL candidate to oppose Cam Gordon in Ward 2. Cam has enjoyed universal support and respect for his principled and independent voice.

Andrew Johnson is opposing Sandy Colvin Roy for the DFL endorsement in the 12th Ward.

There is a three-way race for City Council in the 9th Ward.

Charles Curtis will seek the DFL endorsement but has not forwarded a biography or campaign program.

Alondra Cano was an aide to City Council Member Robert Lilligren where she pushed for initiatives to make city government more representative by launching the city’s first Latino Engagement Task Force. She recently began working as senior communications and public affairs specialist for the Minneapolis School District, leading the district’s efforts to better inform families and students through the lens of language and culture. She was raised in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. with her family at age 10. According to her campaign literature: ‘I have deep roots and a long history in Minneapolis fighting for student and immigrant rights, empowering disenfranchised communities, and working to advance environmental justice.”

Ty Moore is active in the Occupy Homes movement in South Minneapolis. He was one of 13 arrested protesting the lending practices of Wells Fargo this month. He says, “I’m running for City Council in Ward 9, where the vacant property reclaimed by Jessica [English] resides. If elected I would do all in my power to push the city to stand by Jessica and the other homeowners fighting back. I would call on the mayor and police to stop wasting taxpayer resources defending Wall Street’s corrupt laws, and simply tell them they have other priorities, like chasing after white collar criminals who steal far more of our wealth than housing justice advocates are hoping to reclaim from the banks. Before issuing vigilante calls for police action against Jessica and her children, why do we not hear calls to arrest the bankers whose criminal behavior caused this crisis?”



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